My Vision


  • Evaluate and invest in infrastructure projects (roadways, sanitation, sewer, and water)
  •  Review past road development plans to make sure we are making the best decisions for our future
  • Ensure our infrastructure is primed for growth

Public Safety

  • Ensuring our Police and Fire departments are up to date with technology and equipment which in turn will reduce overall operating costs for our public services
  • Evaluate pay scales to make sure we are doing what's necessary to retain our public officers
  • Review, update, and expand our public safety offices

Economic Development

  • Drive tax revenue through encouraging business to move to McKinney
  • Reduce the homeowners property tax burden by working to continue to decrease property tax rates
  •  Focus on career growth, not just job growth.  Encourage companies with higher paying jobs to come to the community so more professionals work and live here


• Insure that the transportation plan that the council elects is affordable for the citizens who need it.

• Making sure there is a viable system in McKinney to get citizens to the places they need.

•  Budget dedication to transportation to make sure it does not fail again.