Michael Jones

Michael Jones has been a resident of McKinney since 2004.  In 2012, Michael and his wife built their first home in the Heights at Westridge where he currently serves as one of the board members.  He received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance in 2005 from the University of North Texas.  Michael also received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas in 2014.  

Michael started his career at GE Capital as an auditor where he traveled the U.S. auditing various businesses that conducted business with GE.  There he obtained real world experience in evaluating corporate financial statements and looking for discrepancies.  From there he moved into Portfolio Management where he managed a GE Wholesale Finance portfolio of over $150MM before moving on to sales.  Michael used his sales training to develop relationships across the U.S.  Working with people of diverse backgrounds, he understands different viewpoints and is willing to work with others to better the community.  Throughout his time at GE, Michael received extensive training in customer service, leadership, management, and budgeting.  He is also Six Sigma Lean Certified, which will help him greatly in identifying opportunities to improve outdated processes and curb wasteful spending.

Currently, Michael is Senior Vice President at Texas Bank and Trust where he works as a commercial lender.  He works with a variety of businesses, providing them the necessary funding and treasury management to aid them in a successful future. 

Michael has served on the HOA Board of Directors for the Heights at Westridge since 2013.  Through his leadership, the Heights has one of the strongest balance sheets and home values in all of the Westridge Master Plan Development.  During his time serving on the board, he solved many issues that the community faced, providing solutions the whole community could get behind.  One of the issues was the Ash Woods Park Bridge construction.  While the City of Frisco, McKinney Parks and Recreation Department, and Frisco ISD all had approvals in their budgets to the get the bridge built, years passed and nothing was getting done.  Finally, when Michael stepped in, the project got moving.  He provided the City of Frisco an easement on property owned by the HOA so they could build the side walk that would connect walking students to the bridge.  Then he worked with the McKinney Parks and Recreation Department to assist with the bridge construction.  The problem they were facing was that engineering the bridge at the end of the street, which was its original location, was going to be difficult due to the probability of erosion and utilities under that location.  This was delaying the 100-year flood study, which in turn, was delaying the construction.  Michael provided an easy solution, “Just use my land”.  Michael donated a large portion of his land to the City of McKinney so the bridge project could move along. Less than year from Michael’s donation, the bridge was constructed, and it's used by hundreds of people each day to get to school and Ash Woods Park safely.

“McKinney is a great place to call home.  Whether I’m elected to office or not, I will always be involved in our community to help McKinney continue on it’s great path that was laid out by people before me.”